I’m a highly-motivated, versatile professional with experience in customer service, education, and communications.

I have a diverse background supporting healthcare, public and private education, and non-profit organizations and I’m eager to pursue a career in public service. 

I’ve done a bit of everything:

  • Delivering excellent customer service and programming at a college career center and a local museum, respectively;
  • Presenting original research at academic conferences, and even publishing it in a distinguished research journal;
  • Teaching English and SAT writing to students from kindergarten to adult ELLs;
  • Producing press releases, social media posts, videos, and other marketing material for a non-profit youth symphony, a community hospital, and a small liberal arts college;
  • Consulting with clients in law, education, and other industries to brand and promote their organizations through my web and graphic design, copywriting, social media marketing, photography, and video editing services. 

I’m grateful for these experiences because they’ve helped me define and solidify my values. I enjoy work that is challenging and helps improve people’s lives, where I can feel confident that I’m making a difference. In my personal and professional life, I’m patient, flexible, and reliable. My instinct is to take things in context so I can understand and empathize with others’ points of view, while also being honest and open to compromise. 

As I reflect on where I’ve been and where I want to go, I can see that I’m passionate about education, technology, customer relations, information access, literature, and writing. The thought of bringing these passions together to serve my community is profoundly exciting and enticing to me, and it’s the driving factor in my decision to commit myself to a career in the public sector.